Eager to Work with Us?

Eager to Work with Us?


  • Higher education 
  • Flexible working hours, fast organization 
  • TR citizenship / dual citizenship 
  • Good knowledge of German-Arabic-Russian-English-Persian languages ​​
  • Experience in real estate 
  • Knowledge of etiquette rules with clients 
  • Communicability, mobility 
  • Responsibility, punctuality, serious attitude to work 
  • Respectful attitude to customers and employees 
  • Presentable appearance 
  • Clear and intelligible speech 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word 
  • Mind of work with documents, the understanding of the formation of supply and demand in the property market 
  • Serve in the army (for the boys) 
  • Preference living in Lara, Antalya

Doomoos Office
Doomoos Office

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